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Monday, April 6, 2015

Tracey’s Mission Beach Wedding…one very memorable day

Most of the blog posts you will read on this site are fairly straight forward. Tracey’s is no ordinary story.

Tracey is hands down one of our most organised brides, but having said that she is the complete opposite of your cliche bride-to-be who starts planning her big day from the moment she meets her first boyfriend!

No, far from it. Tracey may have been organised, booking her Mission Beach wedding makeup and hair more than a year in advance, but she was also smart. Not at all confident with makeup and hair – never wearing much makeup and not being a real “girly” girl, Tracey knew wedding day beauty was one area where she needed some help. So rather than stress over the finer details, this very practical bride got everything sorted and locked in nice and early so she knew she wouldn’t have to stress in the lead up to the wedding day.

But as you’ll soon discover, no matter how organised you are there are some things you just can’t control.

We travelled to Mission Beach for Tracey’s special day and spent the morning doing makeup and hair for Tracey’s bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, mother of the groom and then our glowing bride.
Having taken a peek at her wedding dress we were able to offer Tracey several different hair and makeup suggestions so she could choose a look she was comfortable with.

It was almost Murphy’s Law (anything that can go wrong will go wrong) with everything ticking along so nicely and the bridal party relaxed and enjoying the pampering that Tracey’s phone rang – and her face fell.

Photographer Matthew Evans had arrived and was snapping away, Castaways Mission Beach Resort was ready for the big wedding celebration, the flowers had arrived, the groom and his groomsmen were all down the road getting ready… so what could possibly be wrong?

Who’s the most critical person at a wedding besides the bride and groom?

The wedding celebrant.

He was on the phone telling Tracey he wouldn’t be able to make it. He was at the Emergency Department of the Cairns Base Hospital.

A great hush fell on the room as the blow-dryer died and the makeup ground to a halt. Would there be a wedding today? There was talk of postponing but Tracey had chosen a destination wedding so all her guests had travelled from interstate.

There are lots of civil celebrants in Far North Queensland. We are the country’s number one wedding destination. But we were in Mission Beach (two and a half hours drive from Cairns) on a Saturday morning, just three hours before the ceremony, at the busiest time of year for weddings.

Are you on the edge of your seat!? Tracey was, but to her absolute credit our ever so practical bride did not lose her cool. As the celebrant explained the options… Tracey could (a) postpone the wedding or (b) have another celebrant that he had found in Innisfail perform the service (two hours after the original ceremony time) Tracey went with plan B. It was a huge decision because your celebrant is such an integral part of your day. But with the decision made, the hair drying resumed and the makeup brushes were back in action because even a medical emergency wasn’t going to stop this bride and groom tying the knot!

At the various weddings we have been involved with throughout the years, we have (almost) seen it all…fully laden catering vans roll enroute to set up for the wedding reception; a florist’s van rear-ended while delivering flowers to one location which meant a four hour delay for the next venue while the florist waited for alternative transport and salvaged what she could from the crash; a wedding photographer call in sick…the weather turn foul (that’s one thing you can’t control!)…things happen, we’re only human, but there’s one thing about the wedding industry in Far North Queensland, we always have a Plan B. If we can’t personally fulfill your needs for whatever reason, we will ALWAYS find someone who can. We won’t stop until we have gone above and beyond to make sure your special day is just that – your special day.

My advice to brides is do all you can in the lead up to your wedding day to make sure it fits your dream – but on the day, relax and be flexible, go with the flow. If you can do that, your enjoyment, experiences and memories of your wedding day will be a whole lot richer.

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